RI Witness System

One of the biggest concerns patients have when they undergo assisted reproduction treatment is the possibility of confusion with their semen samples, their eggs or their embryos.

We must clarify that this possibility is very remote, because in all laboratories of assisted reproduction there are very strict protocols regarding the control of samples that minimize the risk of this kind of mistakes.

In Amnios we are aware of these concerns, and that is why we are the first clinic in Madrid to implement an additional system with which the probability of an error occurring is non-existent: The RI Witness System.

This system uses a radiofrequency technology to label the samples of each patient and achieve reliable traceability at each point throughout the process.

When a patient starts a treatment in Amnios, she is given a card where her information is coded. The RI Witness system, with radiofrequency receivers located all over the clinic, operating room and laboratories, verifies in each step of the treatment that the identity of the patients corresponds with the samples that are being analyzed or treated at that moment.

In case of confusion, the RI Witness system will send an acoustic and visual alarm to the professional who is carrying out the process at that moment. In addition, during all the ‘risk points’, the healthcare professional also visually verifies the patient’s identity (as we usually did until the RI Witness system was established) offering a double security guarantee.

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