Privacy Policy

Protection of personal data.

No personal data will be collected through the website of Amnios In Vitro Project
without previous consent, nor will these data be transferred to third parties.

Contact box for citizen service.

The form in the Contact area is designed as a contact box for citizen service and has the aim, according to the established in article 37.e) of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, regarding Protection of Personal Data, to provide information to people about the treatments that are offered by our clinic.

The personal data that are provided by e-mail through the contact form in the Contact area will be registered in the Contact file of Amnios In Vitro Project, with the objective of answering the questions and obtaining statistical data.

The contact box of the site is merely informative, and in no case, are the answers legally binding.

Collection of statistical data

This website does not collect or store personal data of its visitors.

With the aim of offering you a better service on this website, and to facilitate the use of the site, the number of visited pages, the number of visits as well as the activity of the visitors of the website and the frequency of use will be analysed.

The statistical data that are prepared by the internet service provider of Amnios In Vitro Project will be used to this effect.

With this information, the frequency of use of the website of Amnios In Vitro Project will be analysed, using the connection data and the most visited areas. The AEPD does not use cookies to collect data of the users from the website or register their IP addresses.


This privacy policy is only applicable to the website of Amnios In Vitro Project, no guarantees are given for access through links to this website, nor for the links that will lead the user to other websites.


Amnios In Vitro Project is not responsible for the opinions of third parties that have been published through the media, and which may be published through the Forum of this website.